About me

Hi, I'm Joe Collins. I started developing professionally in March 2014 as a developer at Satmap Systems Ltd. This first position lasted until the end of December (9 months), when I then began working for the prepaid debit card startup Pockit.
For more career-based information please check out my linked in here.
You can consider this page as my online CV, with some projects showcased below and my experience shown above, as well as my traditional CV (qualifications etc) here.

Sierpinski Carpet

I recently put together a JQuery script to produce an nth-size Sierpinski carpet.
You can read my thoughts on it here. View on Codepen

Pricing Table

This project is based on a dribbble shot by Erigon, and is fully responsive. This is written in HTML and CSS, using Bootstrap as the framework primarily for the grid.
View on Github

Other Projects

  • Pure CSS Fizzbuzz
  • The classic Fizzbuzz logic test written in CSS. You can read my discussion of it on my blog hereView on Codepen
  • Lizard Spock
  • A JavaScript (console) game based on a variation of Rock Paper Scissors
    View on Github
  • Angular Stockticker
  • My first real personal Angular project was a stockticker app using Angular 1.X. Try entering "AAPL" or "GOOG" to get going.
    Visit here
  • Map Picker
  • A JavaScript and Datamaps (D3 library) tool to visually select products - in this case mapping based on area. This was developed for Satmap Systems Ltd and shared with permissioned.
    View on Github